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Narrow Fabrics designing is a skilled practice that combines artistic flair with a detailed knowledge of textiles. It’s not enough to just have a keen eye for design in this sector, as how a pattern or a texture works with a specific fabric also plays a significant factor in clothing production.

Textile trimmings such as ribbons, cords or rigid tapes are an essential aspect of the manufacturing process, and for many fashion brands, having a unique texture or surface pattern is necessary for brand identity.

Pattern design is in every sector of the fashion industry from wholesale garments to high-end collections. If a fashion brand is looking to diversify in the market and create products that are truly unique, assigning Vostex is a great option. 

Vostex can offer:

    1. Creation of sketches and samples for presentation
    2. Jacquard logos according to your brand’s requirements
    3. Vast amount of color cards fulfilling even the most demanding shades
    4. Exclusivity, this is often most favoured by fashion brands, as it gives you ownership over the final design work
    5. Liaising with different teams or suppliers such as manufacturers and buyers all over the world
    6. Interpreting brand ideas and concepts
    7. Using specialist software to assist the process
    8. Advising best practice and design elements for chosen trims
    9. Sourcing suitable yarns based on brand requirements
    10. Up to date knowledge of the industry and trends

We are the specialists that are able to translate your ideas into saleable products.


The most complicated part of the whole process is weaving.

The weaving process consists of several phases, such as: winding, warping, sizing, drawing-in, weaving.

 Threads are interlaced in certain angles with each other making ribbons, rigid tapes and elastics with relief, ancient or geometrical designs.

Our experience since 1926 guides us to respond to your challenges creating elegant and modern designs. 

With more than 200 state of the art swiss made machines and production capacity of more than 2 million meters per month, Vostex can provide solutions from minimoum up to biggest requirements.


Knitting is considered to be the second most frequently used method of fabric construction, after weaving. In this process yarns are interlooped to make thick yet flexible and elastic fabric.

 With flat knitting and double bed warp knitting machines Vostex can produce stripped, unicolor and jaqcuard ribs for collars or cuffs and rib tapes so you can add nice details to your clothes.


 In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to the processes that convert the woven or knitted product into a usable material and more specifically to any process performed after weaving or knitting to improve the look, performance, or “hand” (feel) of the finish product.

In Vostex we have all the necessary equipment to perform washing, preshrinking, Ironing, and starching in order to make smoother ribbons, elastics and straps.


 The beautiful swirls of patterns and designs on that pretty fabric you bought from the fabric store look seamless, effortless & easy. But textile printing is anything but easy. It is challenging to achieve precision and perfection in details with durable and vivid colors on the surface of ribbons or elastics.

The different methods of printing on trimmings that we use in Vostex are Screen printing, Digital printing, Sublimation printing, Heat transfer printing, Rotary printing, Discharge printing, Pigment printing, burnout printing, Embossed printing, 3-D Printing of silicone.


Vostex has a dedicated sewing department where we can produce belts, key rings, bags accessories, cords with endings of any size and style according to our clients needs.

We can offer customer branded ready to wear products, sourcing all necessary materials.

Choose and we make your own belts, keyrings, bags, hats, dog leashes, bijoux, bag accessories.  


Why is it called haberdashery?

This dates the word back to at least the 14th century! Haberdashery derives from “hapertas” that’s thought to have meant “small ware”, although others say it was used to describe a type of fabric. The word has been around for centuries, nonetheless the true origins of it are still unknown today.

In general Haberdashey stores are local stores that sell all kind of things for your diy weaving, knitting or sewing projects. Including fabrics, needles, threads, pins, marking pens, elastics, ribbons and seam rippers.

Vostex can offer a wide variety of elastics ribbons or rigid tapes smartly packaged in small quantities ready to sell.

Packages or labels can be provided also by customer.

Assembly Ready Products

Vostex has an assembly department which assembles different materials together in order to fulfill our customers needs.

You can give us tags, labels, nylon packaging, barcodes, whatever you need Vostex is here to achieve it. 

Quality Assurance

Vostex gives great priority to Quality in every step of production.

We follow five types of Quality assurance.

Pre-production inspection (PPI), where we inspect all the raw materials 

During production inspection (DPI),  where we monitor all machines and products for seamless production

During finishing inspection (DFI), where we monitor the finishing department during starching or ironing

pre-shipment inspection (PSI), where we monitor the packaging

Courier loading/loading supervision (LS). where we monitor that the correct packages or boxes will be loaded properly to the courier.

Also Vostex has been proudly certified with the folowing certifications

 ISO 14001 / ISO 9001 / ISO 45000/ OEKOTEX


Vostex’s highly expertised personnel in the domestic sales department and export department has all the knowledge to guide you in order to make your shopping experience seamlessly and effortlessly.

Sales representatives in major cities, multilingual staff and our ability to ship worldwide contribute to your purchasing experience.

For customer satisfaction, after-sales service is as crucial as the product itself. Service processes that are managed in an integrated manner at all points, from the initial stage of product configuration till the organised shipment in different locations according to customer needs are a crucial competetive advantage under Vostex’s umbrella.