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VERSION: 3 DATE: 30/11/2020

Vostex is a vigorous company founded in 1926. Vostex hasa constant expanding export activityand a wide experience in producing and marketing ribbons, cords, elastic belts and accessories mainly used in the production of garments and.

Makis and Haris Vostantzoglou brotherscontinue a family legacyinthe industry as managersand are the third generation of management of the company.

VOSTEX’s development policy sets its objectives on the production of reliable products for its customers. The company always offers the required quality at competitive prices at an international level. By satisfying the needs of its customers the company satisfiesits qualitative and aesthetic requirementswhich are of the highest priority and importance, both for the management and the staff of the company.

The main objective of VOSTEX's development policy is the continuous satisfaction of its customers and its other stakeholders and aims inavoiding the creation of problems by early preventing and continuously monitoring and adapting to international trends in fashion and current technologies of the clothing industry.

The specifications and Quality procedures applied by the company are recorded in its Quality Manual which complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

All issues related to Quality are handled by VOSTEX Management with responsibility and independence followedby the delegation of the relevant authority and responsibility from the Management to the Management Representative.

Therefore, VOSTEX guarantees that all its commitments and obligations to its customers are always fulfilled with completeness and a customer-centric approach, an approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and at the same timemeets the legislative and regulatory requirements directly related to the company’s products.

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